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so i made a payment to a collection agency back before i was just a little more savvy to my rights. then asked for them to validate it not too long after doing my stupid stupid thing..didnt recieve a response so i never thought about it again. two years later they are on my credit report and imply that me making that partial payment is validating the debt. the OC isn't even reporting the debt on my credit report anymore:confused:

so my question is this....even inlight of the mistake made by me isnt it still my right to request they validate it to me now?

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When you say that you asked for them to validate, what exactly do you mean? Did you talk to them on the phone or send 'em a letter USPS? If it's the former, then you really didn't validate. If it's the later, was it FC or CMRRR?

I would DV, via CMRRR, and then dispute with the CRA a few days later.

Read about the 1-2 punch.


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unfortunately no

You can request, but they do not have to send you anything.

What are you trying to accomplish? Do you think they debt may not be yours and you mistakenly made a payment on it?

If so, then why not contact the OC?

If you know it's yours and you're trying your luck at having the TL removed:

You can always try- the "dispute" letter method. Send them a dispute letter(take out debt validate) CMRRR. When you get confirmation that they received your dispute letter, dispute will the CRAs.

The CA must list your TL as "disputed" with the CRA. If they don't, and they verify to the CRA, you've got a violation- for which you can threathen to sue.

One other thing, have you check the SOL on the debt- that is if you know this debt is yours? If the CA hasn't tried to collect and you're still within the SOL- you wouldn't want to "wake them".

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i sent the CA a letter requesting that they validate the debt certified mail 28feb07. disputed with CRA's in tow the very same day. they still have time to send me validation but they did already update and verify the info with experian ( copy of such findings in my possession)

called today to inquire how ( i know i know i should never call) that is when they informed me that they didnt have the account information and t was with an attorney yadiyadayada.i would have to contact that office about the debt. i took that information then asked why if they were ones reporting such information why would i need to speak with another office??? they also denied recieving any such request in the mail ( that's ok i have documents) also denied updating such info with the 3B's.(which is quite alright i have the report in my file)

the thing is this..the OC is no longer on any of my reports.

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