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Being Sued This Could Help!

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I was in a bad accident. When I got out of the hospital I tried working this out of course they wanted there money and that was that. I had to left all my bills go because I couldn't work and the were all charged or sent to collections, I tried a couple times to settle the debts with no luck. One day I recieved a sumons in the mail. I was completely freaked out. If you do not know the credit laws the judge will throw the book at you!

I wrote a

1)motion to defend (saying that I will be representing myself pro se)

2)my affirmitive defense (defense plaintiffs claim was time barred and the that the statue of limitations had past.

3)attached exhibits. Copies of the credit laws for my state.

4)I also sent in a certificate of service

5) Then I did a motion to dismiss & a motion to dismiss granted filled everything out for the judge all he had to do is sign.

Judges do not like to see people not pay the bills reguardless of the situation. They get very affended that the courts time is taken up with these issues. Judges will be inclined to lean on your side if you make it a clean and cut case for them.

After I mailed everything in. Two days later I recieved a court notice that it was dismissed and I never had to go to court.

I had the DOLA & DOFD becuase I asked the company to send me any and all information on the account. Validate a debt as soon as you feel something isn't right. That way when they send you the proof hold on to it just in case the sue you.

Here's a 1-2 punch for you!

A CA who is a total pain in my butt got it. I asked them to validate the debt even though I knew the SOL was up in which they couldn't of course but they did send me the activity on the account showing no activity what so ever since janurary 1998 the month before my car accident. After what little they gave me they started harrassing me. I told the guy on the phone put up or shut up and take it off my credit. He threaten to sue and I told him I like to see him try and they did and they lost!

Moral of the story to win your case know the laws and write your motions add as much evidence as you can including copies of the laws. Do a favor for the judge and write a order of dismissal granted. The judge will be more than happy to sign itxangelx

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