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What are they required to do?

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I have a collect america account that I learned of via my credit report - no letters. It's likely they did not have my new address. The CR is not clear as to when they aquired the account.

I sent a DV to them and disputed with the CRA's. TU was the only one who did not reject my dispute request.

Collect America has not responded and in addition to that their sister company cach,llc or pentagroup has reported a duplicate entry.

So here's my question. What is Collect America required to do in this situation? Do they have to respond to my DV before they verify? It is likely that the DV was not timely. Do they have to enter a comment saying consumer disputes? They haven't done that either.

I guess I'm just confused as to what ammunition I'm supposed to be gathering with the process. I was hoping for deletes and I haven't received any of those yet.

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Here's my $.02:

Since technically, your DV was probably beyond the 30 days of initial contact, the CA can choose to ignore your request ...but they do need to note their CR entry as "disputed"....I believe that is an FCRA violation if they have not done so...

The duplicate entry would be an FCRA violation, too.

Why did the other CRAs reject your disputes?

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Sounds like you need to update your address with Equifax?

IngridA, so does this also constitute a double entry: A charged off account and a judgment for the same thing?

No, I don't think so....

For instance, I have a JCPenney card that went into default, and was written off and sold to a JDB...JCPenney has their own TL, and the JDB will have a separate TL if they start reporting...that's not a violation...

But, on the other hand, I have a medical collection that a CA is reporting on my EQ report (EQ or EX, I forget which) that they are reporting a duplicate entry...the amount is the same, the OC is the same, but the account number has an extra letter in it...so it makes it appear as if I have two separate collections on the report, when it reality, it's only one....so to me, that's a violation....

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