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Got a letter from Midland Credit (CA); how should I handle this?


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On March 6th, I disputed a collection on my Equifax report in which Midland Credit is the CA. Today, I recieved a letter from Midland Credit that was dated March 8, 2007. The letter reads:


"Dear Paul,

The purpose of this letter is to request your assistance so that we may reach a quick resolution to your dispute.

We are attempting to verify your dispute and it would be helpful to have a copy of any documentation you may have that substantiates your dispute. In the interim, we have requested that the three major consumer credit reporting agencies change the status of this account to "Disputed."*

Please mail or fax cancelled checks, paid letters, police reports to: (800) 306-4443 Attention: Consumer Relations.

We can be reached at (800) 825-8131 ext 2980, should you have any further questions.

Please understand this communication is from a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information will be used for that purpose.


Consumer Relations

*Your credit report will not be updated if the federal reporting period has expired, or we have not previously reported on this account."


How do I handle this letter? I have no info whatsoever to give to these ppl about this debt amount, or for that matter any info that I even owe this at all. Infact, that's the whole reason for why I've disputed it. I really need for this collection to be deleted from my Equifax, and the sooner the better. It seems to me as if this letter is a last resort effort on MC's part to scare me into paying this alleged debt before it gets deleted from my EQ report.

What do you think?

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"To know how to dissimulate is the knowledge of kings."

They are being decietful (suprise). They most likely can't validate (provide copies of actual bills, satements or other documents from the OC) and are hoping you will do it for them.

At this point, I would send them a "I dispute this debt" via CMRRR and give them no other information.

Make sure your DV has their account # that came on their letter listed on it.

Wait 30-45 days and pull all three of your reports and see what's there.


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