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What are an attorney's responsibilty when serving

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What are an attorney's/CA's responsibilty to verify a correct address when serving a summons. I recently found out that a CA was just granted a default judgment against me from a freeze on my bank account. The affidavit of service indicated the summons was sent to an address that I haven't lived at in over 7 years. The servicer even noted that Mr. X, a neighbor of mine, told him that I live there, but he didn't know where I was. Well I don't live there, or know this Mr. X or anyone else in that entire neighborhood.

Now I'm very certain I will be able to get this vacated since I can prove that I haven't lived there in so long. I can also show that my current address is listed on my credit reports, with the DMV, and with the USPS mail forwarding service

This CA or their attorneys don't appear in any of my credit reports in the past several years. They don't have any tradelines and they haven't made any inquiries- ever. So they obviously didn't make an attempt to properly locate me and then made up this bogus neighbor who said that I do live there. It's also funny that they can find my bank account, which is linked to my current address, but they couldn't find me.

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