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Can a CA report to CRA under guise of the OC?

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I have an item supposedly reported by the OC on my EQ report that I disputed. The written report came back, "verified" and goes on to say it was "verified by XYZ Collections". XYZ is not the OC, but a CA.

Can they do that legally? If not, what would be the best steps to have the CRA remove this information? EQ removed the CA from my report several months ago, and now it is showing up as the OC doing the reporting, which is not correct.


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Once an account is charged off chances are the OC referred the CRA to the CA. You can ask the CRA for the date of 1st delinquency for this account, as it must be provided within 90 days by the CA. That will tell you when the reporting period starts. If you have one, look at your old EQ report and see if the DOFD is listed for this account. Chances are the reporting period has expired and it will fall off soon.



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