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Portfolio Recovery Challenge


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sent portfolio recovery certified detailed letter requesting validation of debt 2/28. trying to collect on old providian account.

sent letters to the 3B'S requesting the same.

experian investigation results " deleted ". no details just results.

equifax and transunion still arent showing the item as disputed. just " as of date reported 2/2007 "

verbal conversation with porfolio 3/16/07. she was professional enough but still managed to imply that they'd be aquiring a lawyer from my area. also stated that they noticed some newly retained assets on my end.

:confused: ok, but wouldnt you need to provide me with the information i requested before you tried suing me?

they "supposedly" never recieved my letters requesting such a thing and denied even having been involved with an experian dispute:!:

she also stated that by me making a payment on the account in the amount of $23 as a result of a phone conversation back in 2003 was pretty much all the proof they needed

i did do that but i thought it was another CC from a joint account that my x husband and i had prior. with that being said i never gave them anything else nor did i recieve any correspondence

i'm putting together another demand letter and adding proof of discrepencies i have found in regards to account.

*copy of certified letter first sent

*copy of experian investigation results concerning account now in question

*copy of transunion report showing account being reported open on 4/1/2003

with a grand total of $3578.00

*copy of equifax report showing account being opened on 1/12001 with a slightly larger amount $3615.00

somebody please tell me what i got here . does anyone see violations? do i have a leg to stand on if they summons me to court?what reference could i use to point the discrepencies i have found out to them in my next letter to them :?:

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i disputed the actual OC's listing and it was deleted on 3/1/07

i have questions about the 24 month reporting history and do believe it to be incorrect. it is my debt but i have no paperwork pertaining to this account. just what i see on the 3B's.

what paperwork would the CA have to provide me with in order to prove it's mine :confused: account statements:?: my contract with OC :?:

if i wanted to dispute the reporting information would they have to have paperwork to back it up ?

is that not even on the table to debate with the CA if OC is no longer on CR anyway:?:

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