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CA's never responded to my debt validation request...and a few other ????


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I have had some success with collection agencies removing items that they were unable to verify. However, I have three still listed on my credit report that I am unable to get any response from the collection agency. I know after 30 days I should be able to get these items removed, but I am unaware of the process! Can someone advise?

Also, if I do get those collection accounts removed off of my credit report, can the OC place it with another agency? In two of these instances, the original credit is not even listed on my credit report.

I have tried working with my OC as suggested, but all of them habe refused and referred to the CA they have placed my acct with. I have settled with three of them now. None of the CA's were "reporting agencies" so my acct will be updated with the OC as "settled" because they were unwilling to mark it paid as agreed, but at least it will no longer be showing "charge-off." This was a good move, right? Not great, i know, but better?

Also, if the CA is a "reporting agency," and I settle with them and the terms of the agreement state that the collection account must be deleted entirely, but I am not able to make any head way getting the OC to mark the acct "paid as agreed," is there a way that I can get the CRA to update it to at least settled instead of charged off if I have the paid letter from the CA?

These are just a few questions I have been wondering about during this LONG process! However, it seems to be working pretty well! Up 45 pts so far!!!!! THANKS FOR YOUR HELP IN ADVANCE! GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!!

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