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confusing validation reply


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There is a CA on my CR that has two different collections (from two different CAs) and I DV'd (individually, sent a separate DV letter to them for each collection) and what I got back, was a bunch of confusing screen prints from somebody's computer.

The first set of screen prints are obviously from the CA's computers. The second set of screen prints, I believe are *suppose* to be screen prints from the OC's computer (one of which is so smeared that most of it can not be read). Since both of the "OC" screen prints look identical, with exception to amounts, dates and OC name, I have to assume they did not come from the OCs, I mean, what are the odds of their screen prints being identical? They are not itemized bills, but if you hunt and decifer, you can compare the information to that of the CA.

Incidentally, one of the screen prints, the SSN is close, but not mine.

These are old, due to drop off in about a year, but I would like to have them off now since I am going to try and buy a house by Christmas.

Their letter was dated the 7th, but still they are not reporting either of these as disputed to the CRA.

Right now I am about to pull the second punch by disputing them with the CRAs and see what happens.

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