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SWMBO Can't Get To MyFico.com

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I signed up for a 30 day trial to MyFico's ScoreWatch. Paid for my EX and TU FICO numbers. Still deciding whether I'll shell out the $80 for annual subscription to ScoreWatch. Not yet seeing the benefit when I still have to pay to pull new FICO numbers when I want them. We both already use TU's TrueCredit, at the Walmart Financial link, to see all three CRs (and *b*) for $11 a month.

SWMBO tried to sign up for ScoreWatch, and she got the "Must call to verify your identity" message. No problem, or so I thought. Happened to me because we added Fraud Alerts with the CRAs. Figured I'd just have her call with a copy of her CR in front of her, they will confirm some info, and move on.

MyFico said they couldn't pull her EQ, and they advised her to sign up for ScoreWatch on EQ's website.

Is ScoreWatch on EQ's website the same ScoreWatch as on MyFico's website? Or are these two entirely different products under the same name? If SWMBO signs up on EQ's website, can she use MyFico discount codes?

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