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Here's a link to an ITS letter.


However, it strikes me as having a bit of "nutcase" in it.

Perhaps with ITS letters, they need to provide a lot of detail in order to achieve the desired result--winning a lawsuit is nice, but I'd rather just get the deletion.

Of those who've had to send ITS letters, what gives you the most success?

- "Nutcase" variety

- Detailed letters explaining the violations and evidence collected

- Short & simple "I'm going to sue you"

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Here is what I have had the most luck with (it worked 2 out of 6 times):

Re: Notice of Pending Litigation

This is to inform you that a Federal Civil complaint will be filed in THE ORLANDO DIVISION of THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE MIDDLE DISTRICT OF FLORIDA unless a suitable settlement can be reached. You are strongly encouraged to contact me before June 1, 2000 in order to avoid costly and time consuming litigation.

I am enclosing the first three pages of the complaint for your reference. I do not wish to proceed with time consuming litigation, however, the time is fast approaching where I will be left with no other option.

Settlement at this point will include a deletion of all references to this account from my credit file, reimbursement of incurred expenses, and a release from any and all claims you may have against me, in exchange for a release of any and all claims I may have against you. If I should be forced to proceed with litigation, my expenses (and therefore any settlement amount) will be significantly greater.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I then gave them the beginning of the complaint, which read like this one:


I stopped at paragraph 11. Didn't want to give them too much of an idea of what was coming.

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