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Help with KS legal jargon.

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Is anyone out there familiar with Kansas Statutes? If so, can you translate this for me?

60-520. Part payment or acknowledgment of liability. (a) Effect. In any case founded on contract, when any part of the principal or interest shall have been paid, or an acknowledgment of an existing liability, debt or claim, or any promise to pay the same, shall have been made, an action may be brought in such case within the period prescribed for the same, after such payment, acknowledgment or promise; but such acknowledgment or promise must be in writing, signed by the party to be charged thereby.

I'm still confused. If my wife made a random payment, would that constitute resetting the SOL? I know I have littered this forum with this question but still can't grasp the answers. I am interpreting this as NO a random payment will not reset the SOL timeframe because there is no WRITTEN promise or acknowledgment by my wife, just a payment on something she may or may not owe. When I read the words "signed by the party to be charged thereby", I interpret it as, in order for acknowledgment or promise to pay to reset the SOL, it has to be a form of a contract or something of the like. Not just a check by phone. BTW, no signature on check by phone either. Just darn confused and the whole thing is clear as mud. Thanks.


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