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Verizon Wireless - Hard to Deal with


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I had two TL on my CR's from Verizon Wirleless and one CA that bought one of the TL's.

I called Verizon Wireless because the dates were being reported inaccurately. They told me the TL's did not look like they were mine the TL's looked to have been opened fraudulently by my sister and her husband.

I asked them to send me the signed contract they told me they no longer have the contract because the TL's are so old and remained inactive for so long.

I asked for statements and whatever info they might have on the TL's. They sent me computerized statements that made no sense to me at all.

They also sent me an affidavit I refused to complete because they did not send me any info on the TL's.

I did however get a police report that states that someone used my personal info to open numerous TL's fraudulently.

I disputed the TL's a few days before speaking to Verizon at all after talking to the fraud department at Verizon four days later they verified the account I disputed again and again and evertime they verified the TL within days of the dispute.

I called the fraud department at Verizon and asked them why do they keep verifying the TL's when they theirselves told me the TL's were not mine and were opened fraudulently. They told me because I will not supply an affidavit against my sister and her husband.

Finally I sent the ID theft report to EQ, EX and TU and asked them to block the info and they did just that.

I also sent the ID theft report to Verizon but it did not say anything about my sister therefore Verizon Wireless is ignoreing the ID Theft report all together.

Today I called the Recovery Dept at Verizon and spoke to a woman and she continuesly tried to get me to tell her these TL's belong to me and trying to get me to say my sister lived in the same house with me at that time.

She also tried to tell me that the fraud department had investigated the TL's and have found that my sister lived with me at the time and that the TL did belong to me. Which is so not true last time I spoke to the fraud dept they told me because I did not send them the info they requested from me they resumed normal collection practices. They did not even waste their time trying to investigate the TL's at all.

I argued with the lady in the recovery dept for 30 mins. explaining to her If these TL's are mine you have no way to prove it to me because you have no records other than notes you kept on your computer which does not prove who these TL's belong to and that I doubt these TL's are mine and if they are your company is reporting all the information inaccurately and reguardless if the TL's are mine or have been opened fraudulently you have no records to hold anyone responcible for these charges all you have is proof that these TL's existed..

After that I called all the CRA's to make sure the TL's were not put back on to my CR's and so far so good.

I am just wondering how hard will it be for Verizon to get these TL's back on my CR's what will they have to provide to the CRA's to reinsert the information??

I am just so frustrated with Verizon for being so Hard to deal with when they have no records and are continueing to try to collect on these TL's.

If these TL's are reinserted on my files my next step is to file a law suit against them.. I have argued my case with them for going on three months already to contiue to argue with them will not get me anywhere at this point..

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Here's my 2 cents...

Verizon Wireless is a tough company to work with and I speak from experience.

You got to understand though, they just want their money. SOMEBODY owes them money and has basically stolen from them. It's no different than going to a store and stuffing some items into your purse. Honestly, they need to file their own police report for the theft of goods/services, regardless of who they suspect did this.

Now, having said that-you could just as easily admit to the fraud, but you could follow it up with adding that you aren't sure WHO did the fraud. They can't force you to report your sister, but if it's fraud-than it's fraud and it sounds like they just want your help with their investigation. Even still, did you send them a copy of the police report with the fraud info??

Have you contacted the FTC regarding this yet? They have forms you can file to.

Well, if all three credit bureau's responded to your complaint of fraud I don't think you'll have a lot to worry about--but make sure you report this to all appropriate authorities (see ID theft folder here at the site) and keep copies of EVERYTHING regarding on this.


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While I understand their frustration---that is no excuse for what they're doing. If it were me, I'd report them immediately to the BBB, Attorney General AND the Federal Trade Commission. I mean think about it--not everyone knows WHO stole their identity or opened accts in their name, so then what???

But that's me...eventually I get tired of mucking with people and if I know I didn't make the bill, I go for the throat.


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I had an account that was in collections w/Verizon Select Services Inc. I paid the debt (not to the CA but mailed my payment directly to Verizon) and then sent the Chairman/CEO of Verizon a "Goodwill" e-mail asking for deletion of the collections entry. I received a return receipt e-mai later that morning so I knew he at least read the e-mail. Shortly there after, I received a phone call from a Executive Customer Relations person indicating that the Chairman/CEO had forwarded my e-mail to him to follow-up on. I explained the situation and was told he would look into it and call me back.

To make a long story short, THE ENTIRE ENTRY HAS SINCE BEEN DLETED!

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I got this address from someone else, I don't know how accurate it is, but the guy who gave it to me suposably worked for Mr. Strigal in the past.

Mr. Denny Strigl - President/CEO

Verizon Wireless

180 Washington Valley Road

Bedminster, NJ, 07921

I suggest useing an address you are positive that it works. Maybe a call to the Customer Service Center might help.. They may not give you the address but maybe they will verify which one is accurate if you have a few different addresses and are not sure which one to use.

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