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Have what i think is good info,Can i use it?


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Short summery

Back in 03 wife and filed BK7 On a account with GEMB/best buy CC. I have been going rounds with them on BBB on what there reporting, They claim the account was charged off before the BK7 about a year,so they don't have to list as such(in writing).and was sold to Arrow who is listing correctly and has been.But the accounts show past due amounts/payments and have not been updated/reported since 2002 even after alot of CRA disputes.Now I have been getting passed around alot and have print outs of reps saying they no longer have any info for the account and my new response

Thank you for your e-mail dated March 9, 2007. On behalf of GE Money Bank, the credit provider for the Best Buy credit card account, we offer you the following response.

Please be advised that we are required to report the account payment history as wife and me established it. This requirement maintains the credibility of the information provided to the credit reporting agencies. Additionally, arbitrary changes on our part would undermine that credibility.

Since WIFE and ME have indicated that they believe we have reported inaccurate information about their Best Buy credit card account to the credit reporting agencies, we would like to assist them with their concern. In order to do so, we respectfully request that WIFE and ME provide us with a copy of their credit reports, which reflects the information they are questioning.

Please note that we are unable to delete or modify the status of the account after May 21, 2002, which is when GE Money Bank discontinued ownership and servicing of the account in question. If we do not receive the requested information within fifteen business days, we will consider this matter resolved.

If unable to delete or modify the account than whats with asking for credit reports?Would this be a case where i send all the info to CRA's except BK7 papers and ask for deletion?

Thanks in Advance! i just don't want to mess this up:)

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If they SOLD the account, it should be listed with a ZERO balance and 'transferred or sold' - provided it was charged-off and sold PRIOR to your bankruptcy.

THEY put the listing on your reports, they most certainly can modify it, especially if the HISTORY they're reporting is inaccurate. Do you have any proof it was charged-off before you filed BK ?

If you've previously disputed with the CRA's and it has come back as 'verified' your fight is now where it belongs - with the original creditor.

Do you have copies of your reports from BEFORE the bankruptcy ?

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HA, they must think there pretty smart or I'm stupid. i pulled my report today from TC to cut and paste the info for ya.to find all balances set to zero and no past dues on TU and EX-

Remarks set to paid after charge off.No change in the reporting date from 02.

But my printed report from 3/13/07 would show for TU and EX

Balance $694

Pay status collection charge off

past due $133

high balance 694

limit 400

EQ still shows

payment 0

high balance 694

payment 15

account in disupte

Funny they sent me that email right after changing the report.I suppose they thought they were smart by not changing the reported date.

But yes past reports would show charge off before bk7 and many past disputes have come back verified.

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