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Time Share now in hands of Collection Agency


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Firstly let me thank you for any advice you can give me on how to handle this.

I received a notice from a collection agency for a time share debt. I believed that this Time Share I had with my ex-wife was signed over to her along with other property at the time of the divorce (approx 10 yrs ago). Upon her death, which was about 2 yrs ago, I suddenly started receiving outstanding payment notices. I guess she never paid the montly installments. I disputed this with the Credit Bureaus and it came back as being verified. I haven't yet disputed it with the collection agency. My questions are:

Should I contact the Collection Agency stating I disupte this in its entirety because my ex-wife fraudulantly kept using my name on the account and it consistutes as idendity theft? or is there some other way I should approach this?

Please point me in the right direction with this. I'm at a loss to understand why its appearing on my credit history, well I know why, its because my ex never paid the time share and since they found me, I guess I'm it.

Thanks again for any help.

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