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Household income ?

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Does the amount that you put down for the annual household income affect the credit limit that you receive? Reason I ask is, I have a friend who lives with her mother and sister and always puts the income including her moms and sisters'. Since I live alone, I only put my income down. Even though I make more than her, she always receives higher credit limits than me. Does this annual household income have anything to do with these credit limits?

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Earth Angel,

I did not know that income makes a big difference. So how do they know how much you make when being pre-approved?

They don't know. They offer is only for a "pre-approval", meaning they only got a snapshot of what your credit is like. They don't take into consideration your score, full credit history, or your income. Once you submit the pre-approval or actual application, then they'll take a further look and decided whether to approve you and for whatever amount. But remember, it's just a pre-approval; that's no guarantee that you would actually be approved.

Also, what do your FICO scores have to be when they offer you CC?

That depends on the creditor. You can search w/in the forum for info on different cards to see who they pull in what states and in what range your FICO scores should be in to be approved. There's a sticky @ the top of this forum w/ relevant info and you can also check out www.whogavemecredit.com. It's a handy tool.

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