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ARROW to pull a fast one

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Hi guys I wrote that we kicked ARROWS butt-but it sims like Arrows lawyers

are trying to pull a fast one. Our court date was reschedualed till next

month. Arrow mailed us some legal looking papers that said suit dismissed.

WELLLL I check the on line court case sight and nothing has changed. Case still pending new court date set. I then noticed the copies we recieved did not have the clerk of courts stamp on it when you file. Worthless piece of

paper. Should I take it to show the judge. I told my husband I will call thier lawyer after we file our counter claim. Since the case is open we can do this .


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Slow down there.

You may want to call the clerk and find out if they received a dismissal order first. Most courts (especially here in VA) they do not update the court's website until AFTER the hearing date whether or not the case is ongoing or dismissed.

Just chill. Call the court and see what they have sent in. If the courts haven't received anything yet, then you may have something.

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