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I really wanted to know what it was because I saw some people have it in their signature.

Fako is a score generated by any company such as mycredit, truecredit, etc who use a similar but not exact model as fair issac when generating credit scores.

Depending on the different companies a faco may be higher or lower than your real fico score. Fico scores are generally what lenders as well as other financial institutions use to extend credit to consumers.


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I've tried quite a few out there and Truecredit's 3in1 with scores is the best for monitoring. But honestly don't pay attention to their fako's if that is what you want it for. It is WAY off on mine and from what I've seen with others it's always off either lower or higher than myfico's scores. So, it's not even a good fako, but IMO the best monitoring out there.

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