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Cheap daily CR + scores

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So where do we find the true FICO scores if TrueCredit is not correct. I wish someone would have told me that before I paid the money for them. Then I found out the Experian VantageScore is not correct. Can someone please tell me where to get the real scores from so I can stop losing all this money? As of today, I have spent over $20 for FICO scores and it is killing my pockets. That is not to mention all the Certified mail and stamps invested in disputing these CA for the debt on my CR. Not complaining but I need to know...

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They key to remember is that that FICOs or FAKOs (truecredit, etc) are just benchmarks.

Unless you are about to make a major purchase and NEED to know the exact FICO (and even then the FICO the creditor pulls may be slightly different) just relax and do your credit repair.

I watch my FAKOs out of curiosity, to see them change with what happens to my credit, to get an idea of each step's effectiveness. But I don't live and die by them. I don't plan on paying the (outrageous) price for the FICO scores until I'm ready to shop for mortgages. That's a while for me yet.

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I use TrueCredit from the Walmart link. Let's me pull daily, bump and monitor progress.

Signed up for MyFico ScoreWatch 30 day free trial. Got my EQ score FOC. Paid about $25 (with a 20% discount code) for both EX and TU. But I'm going to cancel ScoreWatch.

When I think I've gotten "enough" cleanup on my CRs, and my FAKOs have jumped up significantly, then I'll go back to MyFico and pay for all three FICO scores.

MyFico Deluxe is $47.85 ($38.28 with a 20% discount code) and that gives you all three FICO scores.


Remember to search this forum for a current MyFico discount code.

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