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About CA removal of old med bill from CB


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More to that story. Drs office sends me a bill. I say I have 2 insurances it should be pd.That was month 1. Month 2 had an appointment, Ms B. you have a bill. Same statment but found out they were sending it to my husbands insur. and as secondary insur. they would not pay untill primary insurance pays. OK Ms B we'll take care of that. Month 3-have appointment.

You have a bill your insur still wont pay. Same thing with the insur mix-up. So I write them a check that they will hold for 2 wks to pay my bill if insur will not. Somewhere in the 2 wk period bill goes deliquent and is sent to CA.

They are so disorganized it makes sense. We'll call and take that off because it was our mistake. OK thanks-matter drops . Thats why the other CB took it off but this one will not.

any ideas:neutral:

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