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Can I DV OCs or it only works for CAs?


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This is my first post. I'm trying to repair my credit, but from the 6 accounts I have, only 1 is a CA and the other 5 are OCs (all the Ocs have a status of CO).

So basically, what can I do? I read that the DV method works for CA only as they are enforced by the FDCPA, so which is really the best way to approach OCs?

All your help is greatly appreciated!:confused:


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Before I knew any better, I DVed two OCs. DVing an OC carries with it ZERO legal weight. DVing is only for CAs.

That said, I got two deletions. CITI and HSBC. On CITI I was an authorized user, not a card holder. On HSBC, it was a purchased bank so perhaps their record keeping wasn't so pristine.

It's $5 to give it a try CMRRR. 39 cents if you wanna go cheap.

If the SOL has passed for suing you, you've got nothing to lose--except perhaps a couple of mailroom clerks laughing at your expense saying, "Look at this dumba**! Doesn't he read CIC? Ya can't DV us. We're a freakin' OC! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"


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