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Hi to all, i paid the oc, 120 bucks, now the ca is reporting paid, ok i disputed to all 3 EX,TU,EQ,. Now 1 yr later, the account is only on ex and they refuse to invest. the last repoted date is last yr, now i know they willnot respone but how do i get ex to reinvestagate so at least it give me hope of removal



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I agree, I was in a similar situation. So I wrote the CEO a very nice letter.

and it worked I had one TL removed from all 3 CRs.


Explain why you didn't pay ( a very good reason if possible) and that you want to buy your first home and with this on your record, it will increase your monthly payments by over $180 a month, and if they would please call EX to have this item removed you would be so grateful. Ask him/her kindly and very nice nice for them to forgive you.

Thank for your consideration on this matter.

your email address and phone number.


Your Name.

AGAIN .. this is why it's so important to negotiate a PFD before pay them, and get it in writing with no clauses or disclaimers.

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Goodwilling worked for me with a couple of closed accounts. One was 120 days late. Another was settled for less than full amount. Still another was PIF in early '06. 3 deletes from Chase Bank.

My two cents, FWIW, I don't get goodwilling the CEO. I think a working stiff is much more likely to grant a delete than a CEO. CEOs are much more likely, IMHO, to think "If he wants goodwill, then he should pay his bills on time. [huff]"

When I goodwill, I use the address for the OC listed on the CR. Start the letter Dear Madam or Sir.

With a paid CO, goodwilling may work. I tried it with AMEX. No dice. Send a second goodwill letter, and expanded into referencing the Oasis program.

Goodwilling a CEO might work with a small OC, but with billion dollar banks, I cannot foresee a CEO ever seeing let alone reading a goodwill letter for a debt of several thousand dollars.

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I just sent a goodwill letter to the CEO of the hospital basically begging him

8] to help me negotiate a resolution to my past due bill. One thing I did was

marked the envelope "personal and confidential" in the hopes that he would

actually get it instead of a secretary. Hope it works.

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