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Quantum what ??

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We all pretty much know that a quantum meruit defense will fail in a CFI lawsuit.

But....by debt collectors' own admissions, and evidenced by "pennies on the dollar" paid for old receivables, the value of aged receivables is practically nothing.

What about quantum valebant? Instead of quantum meruit, which basically means what is deserved, quantum valebant means what it is worth. If an old debt is only worth pennies on the dollar, according to the doctrine of quantum valebant, one should only receive pennies on the dollar for the debt.

I have looked (not in great detail, but I will) for a debt collection suit where the debtor alleged quantum valebant and have found nothing. I have however found very recent cases employing the doctrine in other areas, so I know it is not an archaic concept.

Legal experts, how about some input?

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