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Priority of Debt Validation

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I am trying to clean things up on my CR's.

I just recently got my FREE CR'S from all 3 CRA's.

There are 4 collections accounts that i am either not sure are mine or am not sure are being reported correctly.

Out of these 4 collections accounts only ONE of them is being reported by all 3 CRA's.

Does that make that one more of a priority to dispute?

And as for the other 3 that are only being reported by one or two of the CRA's, if i dispute them with the CRA's that ARE REPORTING will it cause them to show up on a CRA that is not currently reporting it if its validated?????

Thanks for any input :)

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On 1, 2 or all 3 CRs, it really doesn't matter. Probably more a function of to which CRAs the OC reported.

Age of the account is much, much, much more of a priority. Older accounts are more likely to have incomplete records and more easily DVed. Also, older accounts as they approach the SOL may tend to get the OCs interest in suing you.

Keep in mind the SOL for WI is 6-6-10-6.


That said, for the purposes of DVing, you really don't care about any of that. You want to go ahead and DV all the CAs. A few days later, file disputes with the CRAs.

Just follow Kristi's flowchart.


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