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Is the Judgment Creditor Responsible?

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There is a summary judgment against me in Florida. It was awarded in 2000.

The company that sued me has "merged out" which I guess means they are no longer in business. Another company has sent me letters requesting I pay them the money as they now own the judgment-they claim to have purchased the judgment from the company that sued me.

I have requested the company that is sending the letters for payment to send me proof that they now own the judgment. All I receive is more requests for payment. By the way...the first letter was a bit hostile and the subsequent 2 letters for payment have a much nicer tone and are willing to settle for a lesser amount.

Question: If a judgment is purchased (or assigned) is the new judgment creditor responsible for notifying the court that this has occurred so that the name of the new judgment creditor is recorded in the official record?


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