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does anyone know anyone who does auto loan pre-approvals?

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Go to Autotrader.com. They have to be the best source for autoloan pre-approvals.

Several years ago I applied online. Got about 4 instant approvals. Each one with varies amounts and %.

Went to a stealer to nego. out on a vehicle. Showed them approvals and they figured they could beat it. Loan was through Household Auto. They tried and tried and could not come close. The dealer GM even got involved because they had never seen an Autotrader loan approval and could not figure out why the % was so low. They were pretty p-ed, so they called there Household rep. They did over 30 mil. with them every year at varies dealerships they owned and they wanted him to explain how I got a cheaper rate through Autotrader then what they could come up with.

When he mentioned the word Autotrader, the rep fessed up and told him that Autotrader was writting about 500 mil in loans a year, as opposed to there 30 million.

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