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Debt validation

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I know I've asked this before but I still haven't found the answer and I've been looking for two weeks:

Exactly how much information does a CA have to provide to legally prove the TL validated?

I've had 3 CA's just send me a copy of the original hospital bill, is this enough?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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For a credit card, they don't actually need your original application that bears your signature. You should demand it anyway if you are sued so the bad guy lawyer will have to explain it all away, but they really just need statements from the OC.

Sometimes they will also enter a contract into evedince with the terms and conditions from some microfilm they have of your account with an affidavit that it's the one that goes with your account. It is almost always a list of terms and conditions that provided for interest to continue to be charged forever, whether it was the actual terms you got or not. Most poeple don't save theirs. They usually get away with all of this because most people don't file an answer at all.

They will use the fact that you got a bill and didn't dipute it as an "Account Stated" which is why it is best to have a dispute on record with the OC. It's an acquiescense thing. Then copies of your last few bills is usually accepted by the courts as proper validation.

The sooner you CMRRR the OC with why you are disputing the amount they are trying to collect, the better your chances of defending yourself.

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Thanks to all the AWESOME help, I am slowly learning. I've never been a patient person so this is an agonizing process for me. XhairX

One thing I have learned, thanks to all of you, and a big thanks to Secretagentwoman for this one, is that the DV's I thought I was receiving were nothing more than statements printed on CA letterheads. I thought, "geez, how come so many of these CA's are validating when they are so old and others have had such good luck?" Well, now I know, and I'm currently waiting for the reponse to the "second chance" letters I've sent out.

All you "Old Timers" :notworthy: deserve the credit for millions of credit points everywhere!!! Thank You!!

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