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Well.. so I received plaintiff's answers

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I am being sued by Asset. Long story short, we did all the begining stages (answers, yada yada)

So I send them my Request for Production of Documents once. They didn't respond, so I send it again with a reminder. Finally I received them.

Basically I asked them to provide me with signed contract for the alleged debt that they are suing me for, the contract and the amount of money that they purchased this debt for from the OC. Mind you, this is almost 10 years old debt.

Well today I got it. I open it and there really is nothing in there but some computer screen shots from some collection software, showing what the balance is. They also send me some copy of terms and conditions what looked like it was from the collection agency that they purchased this debt. There was no contract signed by me, no noting.. just bunch of computer screen shots.

What now?

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Thanks for your reply. Is there a form that I could use as a template?

Would it be Compel for Production of Documents?

Wait a minute...

You have already asked for production of docs. They sent you what they sent you. That's good!

Be careful what you ask for ... you might get it. It they didn't give you a signed document you requested through discovery, they can't introduce it as evidence at trial. Do you see where I'm going with this?

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