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I CAN'T believe it!!!!! Today feels like a dream! (And I don't want to wake up!)

For the past 18 months I have been having a battle with Chase Manhattan Mortgage over inaccurate reporting of my mortgage. (They couldn't get it the same 2 updates in a row AND it was different across all 3 bureaus!) I spoke to the standard Dispute Resolution CSRs who treated me like an idiot. I was forwarded to one wonderful man Andy North. I left a voicemail. It was days before he returned my call, but he was polite, listened to what I had to say and was honest about the fact that as an EX-Experian employee, he concurred with what I had to say, but the policy of Chase....blah blah. He did not build up my hopes, but said he would speak to the "experts" there at Chase and see what he could do.

I was in arrears when my mortgage closed and to make matters worse, the closing company took 2 weeks to send the check to Chase. At the end, they reported a current status of "60 days past due" on a paid $0 bal account. (Well on 2 of the 3. On EX they reported 30 days.) The pay history was incorrect and different. When I explained my situation, I told him that he was my last resort and that my only remaining option would be to file a lawsuit against Chase and the bureaus.....

TWO days later he calls me (this morning - bright and early). They are going to delete the entire pay history and have the status as PAA!!!

Merry Christmas!!! LOLOLOL

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