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Judgements on my credit that arent me but my father!

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How do I get these removed properly. I have contacted Equifax as they are reporting a judgment for late rent and then I have a judgment on my Tran union report for a circuit city. Now neither one of these belong to me. I have sent disputes in the past, but the agencies say that they were verified as being me. I call the court house and they state that they do not report any of this info to the agencies. They claim that they (agencies) go to the court house and do name and address matches and attached it to anyone who has that name and address. Well me and my father have the same name, minus I have a middle initial and he does not. I have talked with both lawyers who filed the judgements and they have verified with me that the judgments do not belong to me, yet they won’t give me documentation to prove so. What can I do to get rid of this? I am in the middle of closing for a house and this is almost 10,000 in debt on my credit when my real debt barely hits 2,000. I need to get this resolved asap. Anyone have any tips? also with this being the case do I have the right to sue? if so would it be the reporting agency for not correctly verifying my info as there are NO ssn's attached to judgments.. at least here in GA.


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"...court house...do not report..."

This is correct. Independant contractors scan Public Records and sell the info to secondary CRA's, who then re-sell the data to the major 3.

"...NO ssn's attached to judgments..."

Correct again. Because the records are PUBLIC and anyone can view them, SSN's are not listed.

"...me and my father have the same name..."

So even if you get this straightened out with the CRA's, be aware that the mix-up may happen again if your credit is pulled by a 3rd party agency, like the ones used by mortgage companies for 3-n-1 reports. You still need to fix your raw bureau files (your 'Consumer file' as defined by the FCRA). Just wanted you to know that it probably will haunt you in the future.

"...do I have the right to sue..."

Absolutely. The CRA's file must be accurate according to the FCRA and it isn't.

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ok well i have heard that before with me and my father having the same name. Plus my name is VERY common so that makes it even harder. Is there any way for me to permnatly keep things like this from returning on my credit?

Now with the process of suing do you happen to know how this process goes? Do i sue the agencies or the actual company? If they remove it after this 3rd attempt to I still have the right to sue? I have all the proof i need to show its not me. I just would like to stick it to these guys if i could... xdancex

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"...any way to permnatly keep things like this from returning..."

Ideally, you would dispute with the CRA's and have the judgments removed from your permanent file. Then IF they show up due to a bad 'merge', you would at least have your ACCURATE consumer file, your raw bureau data, to show what should or should NOT be there. With current software, there is no way to prevent a bad merge when a 3-n-1 report is pulled.

So, your first task is to have your consumer file fixed. This is easier said than done. Since no one actually 'reports' legal items, your target would be the CRA's. Their burden, under the law, is to keep an accurate file on you. They are not doing that. So, stick away. You definitely have a suit IF you carefully gather your evidence and present a valid case. Perhaps some of our 'legal eagles' will chime in with precise statute quotes and requirements...

*looks to the skies*

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