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Should I close it?  

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I began my credit repair journey in November of 2005. My credit score was extrememly low and I had SEVERAL bad accounts. I started my credit repair by disputing bad accounts. I also opened 2 secured credit cards, Orchard Bank and Bank Of America. Fast forward to 2007 My credit scores has improved Dramatically. Within the past 5 months My bofa secured card was graduated to an unsecured card. I have been approved for a wamu visa with a $5000 limit, Delta symiles American Express, an Airtran Visa through Juniper Bank and also a Nordstrom card. I submitted a request to Orchard to have my Mastercard graduated to an unsecured visa and they denied my request. I know i shouldnt close the account but I am very tempted to based on the success I have had obtaining other cards.

So my question is should I close the Orchard card? and also Has anybody had any success graduating their Orchard card from secured to unsecured?

Thanks in advance!

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Remember, length of credit is a VERY important element of your FICO score, if the OB card one of the older accounts, then you may want to leave it open.

closing old accounts may hurt your FICO.

Also, just because one person at OB said no doesn't mean anything, send a letter to the CEO, ask him/her to make it unsecured. of course have a nice nice story and explanations, etc... sometimes you have to go to the top.

also, they will eventually make it unsecured so relax. :)

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