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OC reporting different info to big 3 ?


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After numerous hours of reading on this forum, I finally had the guts to dispute all of the bad things being reported on my CR. That action alone removed about 2/3's of my baddies. There were several debts that had been sold and resold and still being reported, all stemming from just a few CC COs.

My question is since I cannot DV the OC, what is the best course of action to take with them. The problem is they are reporting different information to TU,EX,EQ according to my truecredit daily report. With some of the bad TLs the differences are with the balances, high limits etc......while all of them have different amounts in the late colums. While the TC report shows (1) 90 day late, and the same TL on EQ shows 10!! Would an OC actually allow a consumer to pay 90 days late 10 times w/o closing the account? Regardless, it's inaccurate and at the very least I want accurate reporting if not a delete entirely.

I think that I need to send them CMRRR stating that I need verification of the amounts and times late that they are reporting, Is that correct? Should I tell them exactly what they are reporting incorrectly? As in my TU says "this" while my EQ says "that"? Should I be requesting at least some of the final bills, and proof of how many times I paid late?

Thank you for any information you can give, I have read tons and tons of threads and links provided.

I've already seen my FAKO scores rise since taking on this task, now I just need to get some accurate reporting of these CO accounts if not deletes. Thanks again

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