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CA after Judgment

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Revewing my CR I had a judgment that was disposed indefinately in 5 of 2002 (What does this mean). Then I have a different CA opening a collection record as of 5 of 03 for an amount about $1,100 less then the judgment. Are they allowed to do this? If I settle this with the CA can I have the judgement removed from my CR?

Secondly, Back to the jusgment... I have the notes for the case and the lawyers entered that They taped the sumons to the front door of my house. Not sure it they did or didn't, because this was done 5 to 7 months after I moved out of the apartment complex I was living in. I read some of the other posts and I belive that I can file a Motion to Vacate due to the fact I was not properly informed of the hearing. Is this correct? If I do file that request what happens? Does the case get reopened, do I have to deal with the OLD CA as well as the new CA. If I file and get the judgment vacated, does the new CA have the right to the claim now? Please Advise....:confused:

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If you file a motion to vacate a judgment all it does is ask the court to throw out the original judgment due to improper service. There will be a hearing and the judge will decide to grant it or deny it.

If it's denied, then the original judgment will stand. If it's granted, then the CAs are allowed to file another lawsuit.

More likely than not the new CA will have to bring the new lawsuit.

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