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portfolio validates, kinda sort of.. need help

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I DV'd Portfolio Recovery. They are attemting to collect from an old speigel account. OC is no longer on CR, not sure if that helps or makes the process harder for me.

What they did send me was a few pages with charges from the account along with a printout of charges that have accumulated with their company.

I was neglectful in this debt and since it went to collections i have been in third world countries not bothering with my CR.

As of recently i have discovered a few discrepiences in their reporting to the 3B's. 10 experian deleted the listing when i first disputed it but offered no information just results

Portfolio reports to Equifax that the account was opened in 1/1/01 at 3615.00with it being atleast 120 days old from date. date of last activity 9/00.

Transunion reports that the account was opened in 4/1/03 for 3578.00

in NY the SOL is 6 years and i am pretty positive i can prove that with the information that they have reported along with what they sent in the mail as their form of valididation.

my questions are these

1) there's more to debt validation than a few computer generated printouts but i am under the understanding that they can use those forms in lieu of original contract. is this correct?.

2) dont they still have to prove that they own this debt as they stated or atleast have a right to collect on it?

does anyone have a sample letter that i can use to reiterate my rights?

3) my intent was to point out their discrepiencies. do i have any defense with the errors that are being reported?

I am not very worried about a lawsuit which they did threaten. I am sure i can prevail with the SOL alone ....but

my worry is getting this mark off of my report. it is set to stay until 9/07. although i am not planning on purchasing a home until next year it would be nice to get it removed on a technicality as opposed to waiting

any thought would be greatly appreciated

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