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What if OC is not on CR?


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The account could be a mistake on their part, a confusion of names, addresses or SSs. (Less likely it's criminal intent.)

It happen to me as well. That's why regularly checking your credit record for errors is in your best interest.

Your job, and the purpose of this site, is to correct the problem. Follow the outline of this site and you'll be on your way. In a nutshell:

Get your free CRAs, dispute everything negative.

DV the CAs with certified letters.

MOV the CRAs when you know all the facts.

Use the threat of a lawsuit and the courts as last resort (and come well prepared if you get this far).

And always keep good records well into the future.

Whether the CA collects or how much they collect is your call from here on out. Without any info on these accounts your a mushroom in the dark being feed BS.

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