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New Credit Card - false advertising in invite?

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In December I received an offer from my current bank's credit card for 0% APR on balance transfers. The offer was set to expire on Jan 8. So on Jan. 4 I apply online as the letter instructs, request balance transfers, am approved, get my card and welcome letter, blah blah. Then when I finally checked my statement I see that I am indeed accruing finance charges. I just got off the phone with some unhelpful person who is telling me that my offer is/was that my finance charge on balance transfers is 9.99% and I will receive 0% on PURCHASES through my July 2008 statement date.

Now, my previous card was 9.99%, so it's stupid to have transferred and possibly paid fees on the transfer to get the same rate. My welcome letter DOES actually say 9.99% on balance transfers and 0% on purchases, but my INVITATION LETTER , which is the only reason I even applied in the first place, does not. The Invite clearly states 0% on balance transfers. So wtf? I have both letters in my hand right now, the customer service reps won't help me, and now I need to send these letters off somewhere to have 'correspondance' look at them.

Any suggestions about what I can do? I guess I'll look around for another 0% offer and transfer there but it's bad for your credit score to open up a few new accounts in a short time span.

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