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no response from DV to CA


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ok, it's well past the initial 30 days that the CA sent me notification. In most cases, these are TLs that are a couple of years old, some 5 or 6. I want them off my report because there is a company moving into our town in the next several months and I would like to get a job there without the embarrassment of them seeing a bad credit report. (yes, they pull CRs before hiring, not to mention, I am like everyone else and would just like to have a good credit report)

Anyway, I have DVd several of these people, a couple I have tried the PFD. So far, 4 collections have been deleted. There are several that I have not heard anything back from, with 4 days left in the 30 day time frame since sending the letters.

I know that they do not have to validate or respond to these request since it is well past the initial 30 days, but is there anything else I can try? Most of them, I pulled the 1-2 punch and so far, only one has come back "verified", the others are still pending.

The one that came back verified, is a paid collection "settled for less" that is 6 years old...yes, it will fall off next year, but I don't want my hopefully new employer to see it. I have already written the MOV to the CRAs on this one.

I am at the point that the easy ones have been deleted, now I am about to begin the next round of working on the more difficult ones, but what is that?

Thanks, I know I will get a lot of great advice from you guys!


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