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HEllo to all I have been lurking for a long time.I would like same opions on where to start with my journey. I plan to send inaccurate address an ss# letters to the cra's. Do i send my dispute letters seperatly or in one packet?How should i try to remove the negetive TL's? I plan on DVing the CA's but i want to clear up the OC's. What is my best course of action. I haven't pulled my scores yet but lets say i cant even get a best buy card.:roll:

Report is pretty much the same for all three

BOA-------I never had I BOA card but I'm assuming it was MBNA

Status: CO for $2575

Creditor's statement: Purchased by another lender.

Charge Off as of May 2006

SOL: Still within SOL


Status:Paid in settlement/Account charged off. $1,265 written


Creditor's statement: Account legally paid in full for less than

full balance.

Charge Off as of Jul 2006, Jun 2006, May 2006

SOL: Still within SOL


Status:CO for $1,361

Creditor's statement:none

Charge Off as of Oct 2006, May 2006, Apr 2006

SOL: Still within SOL


Status:CO for $119

Creditor's statement:Purchased by another lender.

Charge Off as of Feb 2007, Jan 2007, Sep 2006 to Jan 2007, Mar 2006

SOL: Still within SOL


Status:CO for $531

Creditor's statement:none

Charge Off as of Oct 2006 to Jan 2007, Aug 2006, Apr 2006, Jan 2006

SOL: Still within SOL



Status: Collection account. $119

Creditor's statement:none

SOL: Still within SOL


Status: CO for $1,056

Creditor's statement: Account closed at credit grantor's request.

Charge Off as of Mar 2006

SOL: Still within SOL

My Plan of attack SO far

Step 1: Remove old address with CRA

Step 2:Since the balances are so low on Walmart and JCpenny. I would do a DV with CA then dispute with CRA

Step 3:I need advice on where to take it from here.

PLease all crtique is welcome. Pls feel free to flame me and set me straight!!

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First of all WELCOME! You're taking an important step that will vastly help you.

I do have some questions.

Have you gone through the board here and read up on validation requests and the overall process?

The one thing I can't express enough is how important it is to read, read and read some more. There is a TON of wonderful info, truly-this please is like a treasure chest. So, when you get the time-make sure you do that because you'd be surprised how many folks have been in your situation. Also, there is a great "search" box located just below your "private message" link. Input any topic and it'll pull up the previous posts that covered that topic.

What exactly are you disputing about these debts?

Why did these occur? It appears as though the CO dates are all pretty close to each other. I'm not sure how much disputing these is going to help, unless of course these truly aren't yours and this was ID theft? Did you lose your job at around that time? The dates is just the one thing that blared out at me when I looked it over.

Keep in mind, if these debts ARE yours-you're best bet will be to check out the debt settlement folder. When I hear the answers to the questions, I may have some other ideas/thoughts for ya....

Welcome again!!

EDITED TO ADD: I wanted to make sure to point out something--most of us are here BECAUSE we've had issues with money, not just credit. Honestly, other than losing jobs or what not, we all fall into pits sometimes. The best thing you can do is get yourself informed, pick yourself up by your boot straps and keep on trying. No judgments here, kay? My dh and I were STUPID w/ money before I joined this site nearly 3 yrs ago and now thanks to this site, we're thriving and our marriage has improved even! :)


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I agree, these are relatively new. I might pay the small ones and offer a settlement on the rest. For the CHASE account where it's paid in full for less than full balance, this is settled correct? I don't think you need to worry about this one.



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I thought this whole process was supposed to start with disputing with the CRA's? Just to see what they fail to verify. I mean, I'm pretty sure most everything on mine was mine, but that didn't stop me from disputing all of them and it sure didn't hurt my feelings that they've already deleted four or five bad TL's. I just disputed everything and waited to see what happened.

Read Divemedics credit repair primer at this link, it will explain all:


And please, please don't offer to settle any of these debts before you go through the dispute and validate phases!! You could save yourself some money.

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