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verified reset reported since date

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I disputed all my negative TLs and they all came back verified and updated and some of them only changed the reported since info.

Is this something you could make a big issue about? Aren't CRAs supposed to know since when the creditors have been reporting to them about a particular account? Why would they take creditors' word for it since they actually do have their own records to check?

Another question, are they affecting my credit score by making it look like my credit history is shorter than it actually is? Or does it have no effect as long as the date opened is correct?

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The date of 1st delinquency is what determines the reporting period. However, this can be tough to find with most CRAs. EQ is the only one that shows it, if you pull up your account online using Equifax Credit Watch or something like that. EX and TU, forget about it. However, if you look at a hard copy they may put something like 'this item to be removed by such and such date'.

Problem is, most consumers don't know this and go by the 'date opened' or 'last updated' date. If you were to ask me 3 years ago, I would have said the date opened determined the reporting period. However, the date opened is usually just when the CA receives it.

Worse yet, CRAs allow CAs to update every month even though there are NO CHANGES to most COs. The only thing the update is the last reported date. Again, this makes items appear newer than they really are.


Classaction lawsuit

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My main concern is whether this factor; i.e. "reported since" date, affects somehow your credit score, because it may show a longer or shorter credit history. Also, is it worth disputing it if you can prove they have been reporting it longer than they claimed after verifying it?

I think OCs and CAs update something irrelevant like this in order to get around having to delete the tradeline. Is this a fact or just my imagination?

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