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WAMU Approved but failed to deliver

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Long time member and supporter, lost my old password though…

After months of being overwhelmed with pre-approved offers from WAMU I decided to take them up on the offer for a CC. I was pre-approved for a Visa Platinum. I went online with the invitation number and entered the requested information. The computer looked to be running credit on my information as it was working for sometime, it then stated


You have been approved for the Washington Mutual Visa Platinum Card with a credit line of $30,000.00. Your card should arrive in 7-10 business days. …………………………………………………………”

I received the card a couple of weeks later with a credit line of $500. I since have been using the card and been paying it off in full every month as it’s a good way to track expenses. Unfortunately my expenses exceed $500 per month, more like $15000 per month so the card only helps a bit with expense tracking.

I have contacted the company about the issue and they stated the notice I was approved for 30k was sent in error.

The question is do I have any legal recourse on this issue? I obviously would prefer the 30k credit limit versus the $500 line. I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth but there is a wide range between $500 and $30,000.

Should I keep my mouth shut or get legal advise?


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Unfortunately, this is one of the things congress is asking the CC companies about...not giving them the product they are supposedly approved for.

Works like this. A computer program "pre-qualifies" you for a particular card. But then, before the card is mailed out, it is audited by a real underwriter who decides if the computer was correct or not. The application you fill out has a term burried in the fine print that lets them put you into a lesser product without your further consent.

If this was retail sales, that would be illegal under "bait and switch." But CC companies have very little regulating them.

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Thanks for the responces, thats what i figured. I can see the computer making a mistake but they should change the wording a bit. Something like "You have been approved for xxxxx, your card will be sent out within 5 days pending human verification"

Anyway... will deal with what i have for now

good luck

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