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Any Suggestions on where to get a CC...

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We are trying to build up credit to purchase a house, and both of our Credit reports suggest we obtain a CC as the only card we have now is sears. So Im looking for a Visa or Master Card and really want to stay away from Secured.

Here is what our CR look like...

Hubby...main wage earner however his good credit is rather new, all opened in last year.

2 Credit union loans in good standing total due on both under 3000

1 Sears acct in good standing

TU-2 baddies over 5 years old - fico 597

EX-0 baddies - fico 681

EQ 2 baddies - fico 606

me...homemaker so no income but have long time history with good credit

TU -1 baddies over 6yo - FICO 673

EX - 3 baddies 1 of them is new and I DV'ed and am positive will

come off - FICO 587

EQ - 2 baddies 1 6yo and the new one that should come off - FICO 638

Anyone have suggestions on who might approve us? I really dont want to apply all over the place and have all the inquires on my CR.

Thanks so much!

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