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Credit Rebuilding, What account to try for next?

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I am in the process of cleaning up my reports and rebuilding my credit. I need some advice on where to proceed next. I have the following accounts reporting now:

Orchard Bank $400.00 limit (just got 100 dollar increase) 6 months old

Zales Charge $900.00 limit 3 years old

BB&T Credit Card $5,000.00 limit (joint account) 1 year old

everything else is old accounts that are paid off. I have several charge off's and a few collection accounts. I have had a few deleted so far and I am DVing the others... So my question now is what to try for next??

My TC scores are

TU 571 Ex 514 Eq 604

My ScorePower Equifax score is 480.

Big difference between TC and Scorepower!!

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With all due respect to the prior poster who has far more experience on this board and gave an excellent suggestion, may I suggest you check Crown Jewelers online store. You can obtain credit there and buy a small item for about $40. Pay in full after one or two months and voila!

You have an instant trade line with current and paid as agreed reported to all the credit agencies. They also seem to have a fixation with giving a $1500 credit limit, which will sure boost some folks utilization and subsequently jump your credit scores.

Good Luck, phasers on stun, and YMMV!

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I need some advice on where to proceed next ... everything else is old accounts that are paid off.

If it's old late pays, or paid in settlement, try goodwilling.

If it's an old paid collection, you could try disputing it with the CRA. Maybe the CA won't confirm it and you'll get a delete.

Keep good records for DV efforts. If they won't delete and they commit violations, you have leverage with which to obtain a delete and maybe get paid.

New credit lines take a while to start helping, but getting bad stuff off your report is of immediate benefit. As Dive said, concentrate on deleting negatives.

If you have lots of inquiries, pound on those as well.


How much is on your CCs? If they are under 35% usage, that's about ideal. If they are to the limit, work on paying 'em down.

Sign up for 30 days free of MyFico.com ScoreWatch. Use their FICO Score Simulator to see what can help and by how much.

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In the past month of finding this board I have read alot. I have gotten all of my collections deleted off of EQ, There is still 1 collection left on TU and EX that has been DV'ed and they deleted off of EQ so im waiting for it to fall off of the other two. All of my "paid" accounts were positive history with no lates except for a paid off mortgage with some lates. I have 4 charges offs remaining on my credit from OC's. GMAC, Ford, Chase, and Lowes. I am being sued by Ford. I am not worried about chase or lowes they are not big amounts. I do not want to mess with GMAC, that is a large balance and I have not heard from them in along time. All of these are still in SOL. So what is my best course of action now?

Also my utilization on CC is around 50%, I am working on paying these balances down. I am an AU on DW several good accounts with two plus years of good history. The only accounts I have that are open and only in my name are Orchard Bank and Zales (this account is 4 years old).

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Oh, BTW I am subscribed to scorewatch and True Credit. I am in the process of *B it is starting to work! In the last week my scorewatch score has came up 70 points. So everything on here is working, I just need alittle more guidance from all of you experts!

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Maybe Target?

I started shopping for necessities at Target more often, using my debit card, because I heard they would tell you on the spot if you pre-qualified for a Red Card. After only 3 trips there in about 2 months, they did just that, so I KNEW I was getting the card without wasting an inquiry.

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Patelco usually pulls EX and they sometimes pull multiple CRAs if you're on the edge.

Like any credit union, they like all baddies paid.

You're right, I looked and it was Experian (not EQ) that Patelco pulled. I did have 3 open unpaid collections at the time. They also gave me a $2500 personal loan which I used to consolidate credit card debt.

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