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Are you asking about how to tell if a debt is with a collection agency OR if it's still in the hands of the original creditor?

First, you look at who is reporting on your credit report.

IF the original creditor "sold" the debt, somewhere on the original creditors tradeline on your credit report it should report such with an -0- balance. Same thing for if it was simply "assigned" or "transferred to another lender."

Read each tradeline carefully.

On the other hand, if the original creditors tradeline reports a balance and it doesn't state it was sold or assigned, than they SHOULD still have the debt...otherwise they're reporting inaccurately.

Also, if the original creditor merely "assigned" the debt and still legally OWNS the debt, you can go to them directly to try to work out a settlement. I recently did that myself, even though there was a CA involved.

Does that help?


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