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reporting date question

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I have read through the posts and I cant seem to find an answer to my question! I disputed a collection account on my reports, One of them has said disputed for over a year, the other, I thought I had disputed in the past... but I guess not... so.. In looking at an update report.. it says the 'reported date" is March 17, 2007 on both reports. Now, I sent a cmrrr untimely DV to Credit Protections Association. It wasnt even signed for until 3/19/2007, and they have not tried to contact me since probably 2005. (this went to collections in 04). So, is the 'reported date" from the CA reporting that it is disputed? ( i am having trouble with this because I cant even dispute this with one of them anymore... so.. if the latter is true and the CRA is reporting disputed, I just cant understand why it would be reported in the CR that wont allow me to dispute....) Maybe I am just going crazy... I dont know... any help would be appreciated...:oops: :oops:

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The reported date is simply the last time the CA updated the account. It does not factor into the reporting period. This is one of the main problems with the CRAs. They list stuff like 'charge off as of Jan, Feb, Mar 2006' when it was charged off probably years earlier. This confuses people and makes them think the account is being re-aged when in fact it isn't.


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