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SOL for Colorado

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I did a search on this board and I know this question has been asked before but there was no definite answer.

I am being sued by NCO Portfolio Management assignee of AT&T Universal Card. The card was issued in California. The last activity was in California. The charge off was in California. I moved to Colorado for school. I'm not sure I can be considered a resident of Colorado. I work here and pay the taxes (about 3 years) but I still have a California driver's license. I don't have any cars registered here.

The SOL of California is clearly 4 years. But the SOL of Colorado is either 3 or 6 years. I know the date of last activity was in 2001. The account is scheduled to be removed from my credit report in August 2007. Does Colorado Code §13-80-101 or Colorado Code §13-80-103.5 apply here?

Can I use Colorado Borrowing Statute § 13-80-110 as an argument? “If a cause of action arises, in another state or territory or in a foreign country and, by the laws thereof, an action thereon cannot be maintained in that state, territory, or foreign country by reason of lapse of time, the cause of action shall not be maintained in this state."

Thank you.

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