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When can you request another investigation on a TL ?

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I asked EX to verify an account (CA) and they sent me a letter stating " we have already previously investigated this account. Okay !! Yes they investigated it back in Nov. 2005 !! I asked them on January 26, 2007 to verify the account again and in 10 days I received a letter from them with this comment. I have read the FCRA over and over and I cannot find where it states that the consumer can ask for a reinvestigation after so many days. This account has been showing up on my CR for 9 months as " consumer disputes this account." If they received my green card on Februarty 1, 2007 and here we are March 25,2007 thats over 50 days that they did not verify the negative TL..correct ? I mean just because they verified it in 2005 doesn't mean they can send me a letter in 10 days stating " screw you we already investigated this account...hahahahah 8-) !!! I have the letter from 2005 that shows they verified this account and the letter and green card from then as well. I also have the green card and letter from now that shows they received the letter and they stated they had already verified this account. They did not give a date they verified it but I keep top notch records and it was in Nov. 2005. Okay what is the FCRA law on this and what should I do ? Any help is appreciated.......:)

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I found reinvestigation referenced in 611, 612 and 623.




FCRA provides for CRAs to determine a dispute is frivilous, but it does not provide for them to decline a reinvestigation since it was already investigated. Seems like they are failing to directly state your dispute is frivilous, but they are treating it that way.

When determining a dispute is frivolous or irrelevant, under 611(a)(3)© they have to provide you a notice with "the reasons for the determination" and "identification of any information required to investigate the disputed information".

Seems they might be in violation since they did not investigate under 611(a)(1) and they did not declare your dispute frivilous under 611(a)(3).

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