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Dispute Letter - BK / Wells Fargo - Thoughts?


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I was reviewing my credit file from Experian on MyFico and I am seeing an account that was discharged in my BK back in October as having 2 90+ late payments (Sept and Dec 2006). Since it should not be reported as late after my filing, I am going to be filing a dispute with Wells Fargo. Experian has "verified" the account as correct. Is this the correct wording/information I should be sending in for a letter of this type? I haven't done any like this before.


Wells Fargo Auto Leasing

1350 Montego

Walnut Creek, CA 94598

RE: Account Number: XXX

To Whom It May Concern,

On March 18, 2007 I reviewed my Experian Credit Report and was shocked to see that I was reported as having two 90+ day late payments on my credit report from Wells Fargo. The reason for this shock was I always had an impeccable payment history and this account was discharged as part of a bankruptcy in October 2006, and it would be impossible to be reported as late.

Since I have disputed the late payments with the credit bureau and the account has come back as “verified” I would like to know how it can be reported as late when both of these supposed late payments were after my bankruptcy filing and the discharge order.

It is a violation of the bankruptcy code and a violation of the permanent order of discharge that you report the account as late after the filing and subsequent discharge order. I hereby request that you update Experian with this information and remove the late payments from my record. After this information has been updated, please also remove the statement stating “dispute resolved, consumer disagrees” as there will be no further disagreement.

Please send me written confirmation that these changes will be made, or I will be forced to take further legal action due to this incorrect reporting. Please find enclosed a copy of the discharge order along with a partial copy of my credit report showing the late payments that need to be removed.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Dispute to the CRAs! Not to the OC. Send a copy of your discharge to the CRA. Send it CMRRR and keep a copy fpr yourself.

This will give you the i, s-2b violation as well as (you all ready have) a 524 violation - permanent stay of the BK violation and the e8.

Once WF verifies, contact an attorney at www.naca.net to help you. If you want a personal reference, PM me.

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Thanks for the reply. I already have sent a letter certified to Experian, just waiting for a reply. Getting a letter ready if needed.

The strange thing is I don't show the late payments on True Credit's site, but I do when I pull the report from MyFico. Any clue why I am getting 2 different versions of the report?

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