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Why would CA do this?

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A CA named Collections Unlimited of Texas that I have been fighting with for three months now have finally answered. I have sent these guys 2 request for DV, both untimely as far as the FDCPA goes but since I live in Texas, I am afforded protected via TDCA... Anyway, I have a good paper trail. This past wednesday, I faxed these guy's an ITS and they had a normal letter in my mailbox on friday. I figured this was great, finally I could find out what the heck this was all about. To my suprise, these people mailed me a blank sheet of copier paper. It wasn't sent CMRRR or anything like that but I just can't understand why someone would do something like that. To this point they are in violation for continued reporting without proper validation etc. Has this ever happened to any of you ?



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With the exception of maybe 5 or 10 nationwide CAs, most people who have decided that being a debt chaser is an honorable business are little 1 or 2 person offices (maybe in their basement). They make stupid mistakes like this all the time...which is why the DV process is so important to begin with...CAs just don't keep accurate records.

And, even if you were dealing with one of the nationwide companies, remember that their mail room functions are handled by the minimum wage people or even completely automated. Again, such screw up are not unusual.

(The bad new here is that their records will show that you were properly sent whatever...the FDCPA says they don't have to prove you got it, only that they have systems in place to send it.)

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