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Settling Medical how to get the line Removed??


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Hello All,

My girlfriend and I are tring to get a morgage, So I found two small collection debts that she owed and I called them to settle it. The are small and need them deleted so her score will go up {hopefully} by 5 points to get the 100% financing. So I call them and tell them I am willing to pay in full if they will remove the trade line. He told me that he legally could not remove the trade line unless I request a reason that is in the FCRA. That a morgage isnt one of them and that it could show as paid but they will not remove them totally. What are the reasons for removal I can ask for or maybe I am asking the question. Any help would be greatly appricated. Also when it is paid, will that initually lower the credit score or make it jump up?

Thanks for everything,


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