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how delete LP


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What's the right strategy to delete late payments?

I have 10 late payments on my credit file:

- Cap1: 30 days (Jul-05)

- National_City: 30 days (Aug-05); 60 days (Sep-05)

- TOYOTA_MOT_CRED: 30 days (Jun-05); 30 days (Aug-05); 30 days (Sep-05); 30 days (Dec-06); 60 days (Jan-06); 30 days (Feb-30); 30 days (Sep-06)


EX........30......30,60......30,30,30,30,60, 30,30

EQ........30......30,60......30,30,30,30,60, 30,30


Is it ok if I'll send all items in one disp. letter?

Please advice.

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A goodwill letter is the best approach.

I have a couple of those...but I want to wait for about a year of good payments for the account, while doing other credit repair work. At that point, I will send a goodwill to the OC (maybe a top CEO) and tell them that I am making a good progress on my accounts, my credit, and the few lates could be doing some damage, so plead with them to help. I am sure it will help


good luck - Y

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Just to clarify something, do you have any documentation you can use to show you were NOT late? If so, then you can dispute with the CRA, then the OC, and sue both.

If they are late and you know they were late, then as others have said goodwilling is the way.

Assuming the accounts are either open and paid current, or closed and PIF, then you can goodwill each of the OCs. If they are in collections or CO, you've got bigger issue to address than deleting lates.

Here are some goodwill letters that worked for me and SWMBO.


Don't copy them word for word. The teacher ain't gonna deduct anything from my letter grade 'cause I done already got my deletes with 'em. But do feel free to take 'em and use as a starting point, then put 'em in your words and target 'em to your situation and experience.

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